Hit the clutch & shift your mindset on natural gas

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak to the Georgia Hotel and Lodging Association (GHLA) and area business leaders about natural gas as a fuel option for vehicles. I spoke about the need for a shift in our collective mindset concerning natural gas powered vehicles. This shift is imperative to the prosperity and sustainability of Atlanta’s economy.

It is essential that business leaders, municipalities and the public understand the benefits of natural gas. Not only is natural gas a viable domestic fuel offering savings of over $1.50 a gallon when compared to diesel and gasoline, it provides reduced emissions and greenhouse gasses for Atlanta’s air.  With the efforts of compressed natural gas (CNG) companies like Clean Energy, AFS, AGL, Trillium and private companies such as Frito-Lay, AT&T, UPS, Waste Management and Coca-Cola, stations are being built and the “Chicken and Egg” question is being answered.

On November 18th -21st, Atlanta will be hosting the National Natural Gas Vehicle Conference and Expo at the Georgia World Congress Center.  This will be an opportunity for Atlanta’s business community to see, feel and touch the technology, as well as learn about the savings and environmental benefits that it provides.

In 1996, Atlanta showcased natural gas powered vehicles to the masses when Marta transitioned city buses from petroleum to clean burning natural gas.  I think it’s time for the transportation hub of the southeast to once again show leadership by choosing a fuel that is domestically sourced, provides savings for businesses and reduces the impact on the air we breathe.

What is stopping your business from making the switch to CNG?

Author: PJ Zonsius

PJ works for our Business and Governmental Markets department. As our resident compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquid natural gas (LNG) expert, he has been working to help develop the CNG and LNG infrastructure and market in Georgia. He is also responsible for developing new business and strategy, and is currently working on growing the Poultry and Interruptible market for Gas South. He is the current Co-Chair of Young Professional Leader (YPL) of United Way of Greater Atlanta, Board Member of the Boys and Girls Club for Cobb County and on the Cobb Community Board for Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA).

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