Gas South and Cobb EMC Breaking Ground on Renewable Energy Project

On February 13th, 2020, Gas South and Cobb EMC broke ground on an innovative renewable energy project with a focus on the future, ensuring a greener outlook for both companies. This project includes both solar energy and battery storage.

“We’re committed to affordable, renewable energy and redefining what it means to be an energy expert,” said Peter Heintzelman, Cobb EMC president and CEO. “This project enables us to test the performance advantage and resiliency of solar panels and battery storage, which will benefit Cobb EMC members for decades to come. We’re proud to support sustainability efforts that make financial sense for all of our members.”

An estimated 1.85 MW of solar and 1 MW/4 MWh of battery storage is being added to the Cobb EMC campus to help power its operations. For perspective, that is enough energy to power approximately 200 homes for an entire year. This innovative method of renewable energy storage will also help the cooperative learn how to better support solar and battery projects for large customers. In April, Cobb EMC will add to the project and unveil three Smartflowers along Hwy 41, which can provide an additional 13,140 kWh of energy and afford the cooperative an approachable opportunity to educate the public about renewable energy.

This project is owned by Gas South for Cobb EMC to support future sustainable energy efforts for both companies. This arrangement provides Cobb EMC with the solar and battery output for 10 years and will enable Cobb EMC to share solar energy back to the grid during certain periods of time. “Together, we’re committed to renewable energy that will pave the way for a more sustainable future for our communities,” said Kevin Greiner, Gas South president and CEO. “As a subsidiary of Cobb EMC, we are excited to work with our parent company on this innovative project.”

The rooftop solar and energy storage solutions were developed by Creative Solar USA and Northern Reliability and are slated for completion by May 2020.

“The team at Creative Solar USA is proud to play a role in this important project, which will not only provide competitive renewable energy to the grid but serve as a learning tool for future projects,” said Russell Seifert, CEO of Creative Solar USA. “I founded this company to be a cutting-edge leader in our evolving energy market and this project is a standing example of our commitment to clean, economical electricity for our fellow Georgians.”

Cobb EMC is one of the first electric cooperatives in the nation to install battery storage and rooftop solar to power its operations. The cooperative recognizes that while renewable energy and battery storage will play a significant role in transitioning to a lower carbon future, consumers need guidance from their electricity providers. Along with Gas South, Cobb EMC stands ready to lead the change.

Cobb EMC’s commitment to sustainability and innovation is mirrored in the cooperative’s renewable energy portfolio. Cobb EMC currently offers Renewable Energy Credits to our members as part of our ongoing sustainability strategy.

Cobb EMC is a not-for-profit, member-owned electric cooperative. The company safely delivers reliable electricity to more than 200,000 residential and commercial consumers in Cobb, Bartow, Cherokee, Fulton, and Paulding counties. Cobb EMC is consistently recognized for low-cost, reliable power, a commitment to renewable energy and giving back to the communities it serves. Cobb EMC is one of the largest EMCs in the nation, and the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary Gas South is a leading provider of natural gas in the Southeast. For more information, visit www.cobbemc.com.

Creative Solar USA is a Georgia-based, turn-key installer of innovative solar panel systems, dedicated to alternative energy solutions for your home or business. Since 2008 their NABCEP
certified installers have ensured our clients receive the highest quality solar energy systems in the industry. For more information, visit www.CreativeSolarUSA.com.

Northern Reliability (“NRI”), based in Waterbury, Vermont, is an engineering and technology firm that designs, procures, installs, and supports stand-alone electric power and energy storage systems for utilities and governments across the United States and abroad. NRI, whose team was formed in the early 1970’s, boasts over 1000 systems deployed around the globe on all seven continents and is likely the oldest operating engineering group in the storage sector. For more information, visit www.northernreliability.com.

Photo by Pamela Dabrowa Photography


Gas South Illness and Disability Impact Investment Winners: 2019 Impact and 2020 Goals

Last week we discussed what our 2019 general impact investment winners were able to accomplish with their earnings. We also shared the goals that our 2020 general impact investment winners are looking to accomplish with their investment winnings.  

This week, we’re focusing on what our 2019 winners were able to accomplish for their non-profit organizations and the goals for our 2020 illness and disability winners.

2020 Illness and Disability Investment Winners 

Shepherd Center 

Shepherd Center’s mission is to help people with a temporary or permanent disability caused by injury or disease, rebuild their lives with hope, independence and dignity, advocating for their full inclusion in all aspects of community life while promoting safety and injury prevention.  

The Gas South impact investment funds will be used to purchase an adapted minivan to provide transportation for more individualized outings. Ensuring their young patients (as well as their general patient population) can venture out into the community feeling more confident and with a sense of belonging.

Additionally, an outing in a minivan vs. a Shepherd bus allows patients to experience an adapted vehicle and is often a catalyst for patients and families purchasing a vehicle that can be used and driven by their adolescent patients. Driving or returning to driving is often one of the primary goals of their teen patients.

Sunshine on a Ranney Day 

The mission of Sunshine on a Ranney Day is to renovate homes for children with long term illnesses and special needs. Sunshine on a Ranney Day renovates homes for children with long-term illnesses, disabilities, and special needs so that they can safely live in their own homes with their own families.  

Each year, they help around 20 children by providing them with life-changing modifications (in addition to the large-scale, special project they complete each year in the community). This year, they have 13 children that are still waiting for their modifications. Each child has a specific project budget that will address their unique needs. The funding from our Gas South impact investment will be used to outfit a home with a wheelchair accessible bathroom and bedroom for a child.  

Training and Counseling Center (TACC)  

TACC offers affordable counseling services specifically to the poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged. TACC has recently added a new counselor specifically to serve low-income and disadvantaged children due to the ever-increasing need for mental health services for the youngest community members. The Gas South Innovation Investment of $10,000 will provide 100 sessions to underserved and vulnerable children and youth in metro Atlanta.   

2019 Illness and Disability Investment Winners 

Bert’s Big Adventure 

Gas South’s Impact Investment allowed Bert’s Big Adventure to impact families at their Family Orientation, Send Off Celebration, Walt Disney World, and Spring Reunion. At the family orientation, they were able to surprise 8 children and 31 family members with the news they were headed to Walt Disney World! At the Sendoff, Gas South granted a child (Alex) and his family of 5, with a 4-night Disney cruise in September 2019. While at Disney World, 12 children were able to have princess and pirate makeovers and dance parties with characters. In May, over 450 family members gathered at the Fernbank Museum for a Spring Reunion. All the children that Bert’s Big Adventure touches have a difficult life because they are dealing with terminal illnesses. The Gas South impact investment helped to give them precious time and memories with their families that they otherwise would not experience.  

“We are beyond grateful for the continued support (not just financially) from the Gas South team – you are truly a unique organization dedicated to giving back in our community.” Molly Parish, Executive Director. 

Camp Twin Lakes 

Camp Twin Lakes provides a place where children with serious illnesses, disabilities, and life challenges can discover and be their best selves. Our Gas South 2019 investment helped Camp Twin Lakes serve children with limb deficiencies or defects, cancer, Type I diabetes, Tourette syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis, developmental disabilities, organ transplants, spina bifida, and congenital insensitivity to pain, as well as children in foster care, children with an incarcerated parent, kids who have lost a parent serving in the military or have active military parents, and those who have experienced a loss.  

Gas South’s investment of $50,000 allowed Camp Twin Lakes to transform the lives of 91 children and teens with special healthcare needs and life challenges. This program provides a 70% scholarship ($550) for every camper served, funding camper food, fully-accessible housing, and all program supplies and equipment. Because of supporters like Gas South, we were able to provide a scholarship to 100% of our campers, and more than 70% attended Camp last summer at no cost at all! 

Gas South will partner with each of the winning organizations to track and measure the impact that our investments are having. Our employees will also have the opportunity to engage in volunteer activities with the winners throughout the rest of our fiscal year.  

As a leading provider of natural gas throughout the southeastern U.S., Gas South has taken a close look at how we can make sure our success as a company directly benefits the communities we serve. Through volunteerism, charity partnerships and ongoing financial support, we’re helping people in our community fulfill their potential with the hope that, one day, they’ll join us in being a fuel for good. 

Thanks to our friends at Bert’s Big Adventure for providing the photo for this article.


Gas South Basic Needs Impact Investment Winners: 2019 Impact and 2020 Goals

2020 Gas South Impact Invest Winners

In 2019, Gas South awarded $300,000 to six local nonprofit organizations – Atlanta Mission, Kate’s Club, Los Niños Primero, Nana Grants, Shepherd Center and Sunshine on a Ranney Day were all recipients of $50,000 each. Additionally, Covenant House of Georgia, Girls, Inc. and Training and Counseling Center were awarded $10,000 each. 

Gas South makes it our mission to be a fuel for good for the community we serve. We strive to put our customers, employees and our community first in everything we do. Donating 5% of our profits to children in need is a core pillar of our mission to be a fuel for good, but you may be wondering how exactly those funds are allocated.

The Gas South investments address three main types of needs:

  • Basic needs 
  • Illness and disability
  • Education 

Let’s take a look at how Gas South’s past basic needs investment winners were able to make a difference in our Georgia community in 2019, and how the 2020 basic needs winners are planning to use the investment funds this year.

2020 Basic Needs Investment Winners

Covenant House of Georgia

Covenant House of Georgia (CHGA) is Atlanta’s only homeless shelter serving youth ages 18 to 21. Most of their youth are African American (80%) and the remainder are Caucasian (10%) and Latino (10%). About one-third were in the foster care system and more than half have a history with the criminal justice system. Covenant House will be providing interview and work attire for 200 youth in their vocational program with the $10,000 Innovation Investment from Gas South.   

Atlanta Mission

Atlanta Mission provides each child that comes to them for help, basic needs and services that include shelter, bedding, meals, shower, essential healthcare, laundry facilities, childcare, afterschool and preschool programming, and other social services.   

With an Impact Investment grant from Gas South, at the cost of about $30 per day, they will provide over 1,600 children with a bed and bedding, meals, showers, essential healthcare, daycare, preschool programming, school uniforms, school supplies, and other necessities.

When a child arrives with his or her mother at the doorstep of their Atlanta Day Shelter, they immediately begin meeting their basic needs. They provide three hot meals per day, showers, essential healthcare, laundry facilities, and a safe, secure place to sleep. In addition to a bed, they provide each individual their own sheet set, blanket, and pillow to help them find comfort off the streets.

Children are also given a bunk bag, which contains games, coloring books, and other stimulating activities to allow them a sense of play and normalcy amidst the chaos of homelessness. Infants and young children are enrolled in our quality childcare program, and school-aged children are enrolled in Centennial Academy Charter School to ensure educational stability and growth while they stay with them.  

Kate’s Club

Kate’s Club empowers children facing life after the death of a parent or sibling. Kate’s Club serves children in the greater metro Atlanta area, from five to 18 years old, who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling or primary caregiver at no cost to the child’s family.

Kate’s Club will use our funding to support their Clubhouse Services and Camp Good Mourning. Camp Good Mourning is a bi-annual two-night, three-day retreat held at Camp Twin Lakes in Winder, Georgia. Their members participate in both camp recreation and therapeutic activities.  

Their approach is two-fold: 1) they provide therapeutic services children need to grieve and cope with their loss and 2) they provide fun, recreational activities, which encourage them the be a kid in an environment where their peers are experiencing a similar loss. As with their other programs, they experienced an increased need for Camp Good Mourning – funding will help expand the number of children who could attend Camp Good Mourning in April 2020. 

2019 Basic Needs Investment Winners

Street Grace

Street Grace is a faith-driven organization that collaborates with faith, business and community leaders providing a comprehensive path to end the sexual exploitation of minors. CSEC involves the recruitment, harboring, transportation, and/or the obtaining of a child under the age of 18 for the purpose of a commercial sex act. Street Grace mobilizes community resources – financial, human, and material – to fight CSEC through prevention/protection, policy and pursuit. 

The Gas South Impact Investment was the final piece of funding needed for the development of a self-contained online toolkit that can be distributed to any school that wants to implement the Youth Education Initiative. The Youth Education Initiative is a student-led prevention program that partners with middle and high schools to teach children about commercial sexual exploitation, how to recognize it, talk about it, report it, and protect themselves and their friends against it.

In 2018, Street Grace reached over 61,000 youth with this critical message. Currently, creative production, including building and producing files for all educational materials to be placed on the website, is underway along with a strategic social media campaign to support the expanding initiative.  

The final phase of this project involves testing and then finally, implementation of the Online Toolkit within Dekalb Public Schools and Atlanta Public Schools, reaching 72 middle and high schools and approximately 100,000 students in the 2019/2020 school year.   

“These exciting updates would not be possible without the financial support and trust of partners like Gas South. Thank you for believing in us and supporting us in such a substantial way.” – Bob Rodgers, President/CEO Street Grace 

Covenant House

The Gas South Impact Investment directly impacted vulnerable young people in the residential programs and wrap-around services in 2019. The investment provided shelter to 518 youth seeking refuge from the streets of Atlanta. It also helped 119 youth to advance their education by registering for and taking the GED, applying to college and completing FAFSA applications. Finally, the investment trained and certified 48 youth in specialized vocational programs that provided skills and knowledge to meet current demand in the job market. 

An example of the Gas South impact is Leigha. She came to Covenant House nearly a year ago with an extensive history of homelessness, abandonment and neglect. Leigha expressed interest in becoming a dietitian, so she enrolled in the Health Technology and Administration certification program. She excelled in her studies, gained full-time employment and successfully transitioned to the independent living program. She is currently enrolled at Perimeter College for the fall semester. 

“We know it was the generous spirits of the Gas South team members that made this grant possible! Please pass along our sincerest appreciation and know that your support ensures that we can continue providing the services needed to triage, stabilize, and heal this vulnerable population.” – Dr. Alieizsoria Redd, Executive Director 

2020 Vision: Looking Ahead

As a leading provider of natural gas in the southeastern U.S., Gas South has taken a close look at how we can make sure our success as a company directly benefits the communities we serve. We believe our communities are strongest when children are well and have opportunities to reach their full potential. This means helping families build strong foundations, helping to meet their basic needs and providing positive pathways for kids. That’s why we’ve committed 5% of our profits to help children in need. 

Through volunteerism, charity partnerships and ongoing financial support, we’re helping people in our community fulfill their potential with the hope that, one day, they’ll join us in being a fuel for good. 


Gas South – Dedicated to Making a Difference.

And we couldn’t do it without you.

Atlanta area children writing Be The Difference in chalk.

As we look back on 2019, we‘re grateful for the opportunity to serve our customers—and our community.

As part of our mission to Be A Fuel For Good, we are committed to giving back 5% of our profits to help children in need. We’re proud to work with local partners to provide financial assistance in three key areas:

Through your continued support, we’re warming the lives of kids in our community during the holidays and throughout the year.

Thank you for being a part of it all!


Save Time and Money When You Move with Gas South

If you’re planning to move this season, you may want to make note of a few things Gas South is doing to make relocating even easier – and to help you save.

Turning on Service in Your New Home

When you’re ready to move, simply visit us online or call and let us know about your upcoming move. We’ll check to see if we can serve you at your new location, and can easily transfer your service helping you avoid any cancellation fee and a costly deposit (which saves you hundreds of dollars).

Not a Gas South customer yet? We’d love to serve you, and we can make your move easier too! It just takes a few minutes to sign up online to save with our low fixed rates. And, since we never charge a deposit – that’s more money in your pocket.

If you’re super-organized and checking things off your moving checklist, we’re pleased to be able to schedule your natural gas turn-on at your new address up to 60 days in advance of your move.

And, to give you a little extra cash to tip the movers or pizza guy, we’re throwing in a $25 bill credit.

If you’re super-organized and checking things off your moving checklist, we’re pleased to be able to schedule your natural gas turn-on at your new address up to 60 days in advance of your move.

Saving You Money When You Move

Between renting a truck and buying packing supplies, moving can get expensive. Especially if you are a bubble wrap enthusiast. In addition to offering everyday low rates and never charging you a deposit, we’re sweetening the deal. To give you a little extra cash to tip the movers or pizza guy, we’re throwing in a bill credit – be sure to check out our current offer here!

Be sure to check out a special offer from our partner, Atlanta Peach Movers—a 5% discount on your move anywhere in the U.S. To cut down even more on more moving hassles, our home service connection partner, AllConnect, will walk you through setting up your internet, phone and cable services when you move.

Getting Ready to Move

The easiest way to improve your move is to stay organized, and we create a handy moving checklist to help you do just that. It’s printable so you can keep it in a central place in your home and keep yourself on track up to the big day.

And when your move is just around the corner, check out our five best tips to hack your move. From genius ways to upgrade your boxes to a first night survival kit, we have put together how-to videos that will save you time (and save your back).

So remember, it’s easy to transfer or start your natural gas service with us. Just go to GasSouth.com/move. We’re here to answer any questions you may have – and we’re ready to move when you are!


Even out your monthly gas payments with Budget Bill.

Budget Bill Flat Rate Gas Bill

As the weather fluctuates throughout the year, budgeting for your natural gas bill isn’t always easy. Gas South can help you take the guesswork out of your natural gas bill with Budget Bill. This convenient plan helps you avoid the surprises that come from highs and lows of your monthly natural gas costs with a flat rate monthly bill—even in the winter.

Pay the same amount each month.

Gas South estimates the projected cost of your natural gas based on your past usage amounts and your rate plan. We divide your predicted bill amount into equal payments during your fixed rate term (or 12 months if you’re on a variable rate), and this is what you’ll owe on your bill. Since the amount is the same each month, Budget Bill makes it easier to plan for your energy expenses.

You’ll only pay for the gas you use.

Gas South keeps a running total of your actual charges and payments, and rolls your ending balance into your next Budget Bill plan. If you no longer choose to be on Budget Bill, we’ll refund the difference if there’s a credit or ask you to pay the outstanding balance. When it’s time to settle the difference, you’ll only pay for the gas you actually used and there’re no added fees.

Sound simple? It is. Take away the stress of the unknown by keeping your bill the same every month—and say goodbye to the gas bill guessing game with Budget Bill. Enroll anytime by logging into your Online Account Service (OAS) at GasSouth.com on your mobile device or via desktop, or call 877.472.4932.

If you have questions, please visit our Budget Bill FAQs.


Gas Leak Detection & Safety Tips

At Gas South, natural gas safety is a priority. That’s why we’re here to give you tips on detecting gas leaks in your house, on what to do if you have a leak, and on how to prevent them.

Natural gas leaks can be a real threat if they go undetected or ignored. As a highly combustible material, gas leaks can lead to fires or explosions, and it can also cause sickness in residents. If you suspect you have a leak in your gas line, call Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) at 877-427-4321 or call 911 to report a gas leak.

How to Detect a Natural Gas Leak

The most common way to detect a gas leak is by its smell, which is similar to the smell of rotten eggs. Natural gas is colorless and odorless, so a chemical called mercaptan is added to give it the distinctive, unpleasant smell to warn you of a leak. If you smell a leak, leave the area immediately and stay away until assistance arrives.
A leak can also be detected by a hissing sound emitted where the gas escapes the line. If a leak is audible, it is likely a substantial leak and should be reported at once. A leak in a buried gas line can also be indicated by discolored vegetation, blowing dirt or continued bubbling water around the compromised line.

How to Report a Natural Gas Leak

Customers in Georgia should call Atlanta Gas Light at 877-427-4321 or call 911 to report a gas leak.
If you smell or hear a leak in your gas line, you should always report it. Never try to find the leak yourself. If you suspect you do have a leak, it is especially important that you don’t use any devices that might create a spark including lighters, light switches, phones or electric appliances. Exit the premises at once, report the leak and wait for professional assistance.

How to prevent a gas leak

There are a number of ways to prevent gas leaks and keep your home or business safe. Our top recommendations for safely using natural gas in your home are:

  • Keep the areas around all appliances and equipment clean and unblocked to allow for proper air flow.
  • Check your pilot lights and burners for a steady, blue flame. If you see the blue flame, they are operating correctly. (Decorative gas fire logs are the only exception – the flame is usually yellow.)
    Blue flames from a properly working gas stove
  • Never let small children play with, or near, natural gas appliances or pipes.
  • Don’t use your stove or oven for anything other than cooking (for instance, to heat your home).
  • Store household chemicals or combustible materials away from gas appliances.
  • Call 811 before you dig, so underground lines can be marked.
  • Every year or two, have a professional inspect your gas appliances, furnaces, vents, flues, chimneys and gas lines in your home or business.
  • When moving or installing a gas appliance, or changing a connector, always enlist the help of a professional.

We hope you never have to deal with a gas leak but if you do, now you know how to act quickly and keep everyone involved safe.


How to Keep Your House Warm & Save Energy This Winter

The less energy you use, the less you spend on bills – it’s that simple. But using less energy doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort. Using the tips below will not only save energy (and money) but will keep you warm and comfy all winter long.

1. Set your thermostat to 68 degrees

For every degree you lower your thermostat below 70, you’ll save an easy 5% on your heating costs. Just a 2-degree decrease, from 70 to 68 degrees, rounds up to a nice 10% cut in your energy expenses.

With that said, DON’T turn the heat off while you’re away. It takes more energy to bring your home back to a comfortable temperature, and your pipes could burst if the temperature drops below freezing. Instead, simply lower your thermostat down a few degrees.

2. Invest in a programmable or smart thermostat

Programming your thermostat enables you to lower the temperature when you are at work or asleep to conserve energy and raise the temperature before you return home to maximize comfort. The majority of programmable thermostats allow you to set multiple time frames and temperatures to fit your lifestyle. We recommend smart thermostats, such as the Nest, as they can save you 10 to 12 percent in heating costs. See our top reasons to get a smart thermostat here.

3. Flip your fan switch

If your ceiling fan has a reverse switch, you’ll want to flip that when you turn your heat on, making your fan’s blades spin clockwise. This causes the fan to produce an updraft, forcing the hot air that rises to your ceiling down and into the rest of the room.

4. Open blinds and drapes during the day and close them at night

During the day, let the sun shine in through your windows for added warmth. At night, make sure all windows are covered to prevent drafts and loss of heat through the glass.

5. Move furniture away from vents

Take a quick look around the house and double check that none of the vents are blocked. If they are, find a way to move your furniture, at least for the winter. This will make sure every room is reaching its maximum warming potential.

6. Direct the heat to the rooms you use the most

Speaking of ensuring each room reaches maximum heat, closing the doors and vents to unused rooms will help focus the home heating efforts to the important portions.

7. Be mindful of wood-burning fireplaces

It may be warm right by the crackling flames, but all the heat being exhausted up through the fireplace pulls cold air into the house elsewhere. Be sure to use a glass front for your fireplace and remember to keep the flue closed when the fireplace isn’t in use to help keep most of the heated air in your home from escaping up the chimney once the flames have gone out.

8. Seal ducts and plug door and window leaks

Check the tightness of air ducts and be sure to plug any visible open spots with insulation material. While you’re at it, check your doors and windows — they could be responsible for wasting 10% of your energy costs. Fix these leaks by installing weather-stripping or caulk around drafty doors and windows. Electrical outlets in exterior walls are also an extremely common cause of heat loss in your home, as are the gaps around water pipes where they pass through walls. Make sure you inspect these areas of your home and seal up any cracks to further reduce heating costs.

9. Increase ceiling insulation

Looking for a quick 5-25% reduction in heating loss? You can find it right above your head. If your ceiling isn’t properly insulated, it’s letting warm air out and raising your heating costs as your thermostat works constantly to keep the temperature up. For best results, consider increasing your insulation to R-38.

10. Maintain your heating system

Keep the filter clean and hire a licensed contractor to inspect your unit. If your unit has been in use for 15 years or longer, consider getting an upgrade for improved efficiency.

11. Add layers to wood floors

Uninsulated wood floors can account for up to 10% of a home’s heat loss. Carpets and rugs keep rooms warmer. Add a rug or roll of carpet to trap heat and protect your feet.

12. Switch to a fixed rate plan

Variable rate plans fluctuate every month according to market conditions. That means what you pay per therm this month could be more, less, or the same as the previous month. Fixed rates, on the other hand, are locked and remain unchanged throughout the term of your contract — usually 6, 12, 18 or 24 months. Fixed rates are lower than variable rates and a consistent rate helps you better manage your winter heating budget. Learn more about locking in a fixed rate plan here.

13. Wear warm clothes

This is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to lower your gas bills during the winter. Most energy efficiency websites recommend a maximum heating temperature setting of less than 70 degrees. For those of you who feel cold at temperatures below 70 degrees, a light jacket, sweatshirt, long sleeve shirt, or sweater can help keep you warm without having to raise your thermostat temperature and therefore your natural gas usage.

There you have it – a winter survival guide that leaves you warm and stress-free financially. If you need help getting your natural gas up and running this winter, drop us a line!


Dedicated to making a difference.

And we couldn’t do it without you.


As we look back on 2018, we‘re grateful for the opportunity to serve our customers—and our community.

We’re committed to giving back 5% of our profits to help children in need and proud to work with local partners to provide financial assistance in three key areas:

Bert’s Big Adventure
Ser Familia
Shepherd Center


Through your continued support, we’re warming the lives of kids in our community during the holidays and throughout the year.

Thank you for being a part of it all!



It’s been cold (already).

A higher gas bill may be coming soon.

Stay warm without the spikes in heating bills

You may have noticed – it’s been cold earlier than usual this year. That means, if you’ve been keeping the house warm, you may expect to see higher gas bills as early as December.

While there’s not much you can do about the weather, there are a few steps you can take to save on your heating costs this winter.

Lock in a low fixed rate.

Fixed rates will save you money because they’re lower than variable rates and don’t fluctuate with the market month to month. Right now, we’re offering great, low fixed rates. And if you compare them to the high variable rates we’ve seen in the market recently, you’ll see that a fixed rate could save you hundreds of dollars when your usage is at its highest.

So be sure to look at your rate plan, and if you’re not already on a fixed rate, visit gassouth.com or call 877-472-4932 to select one.

Eliminate the winter spikes with Budget Bill.

Gas South also offers a free, convenient solution that allows you to pay the same amount every month. With Budget Bill, you can avoid winter spikes and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a predictable, consistent monthly payment. There are no additional fees and you’ll only pay for the natural gas you use. If you’re interested in enrolling in Budget Bill, visit your Online Account Service at gassouth.com.

Keep out the cold. 

To help offset higher utility costs during the cold months, take advantage of energy-saving tips like programming your thermostat, sealing off cracks and leaks around windows and doors, and replacing your furnace filters for maximum heating efficiency.

We’re here to help.

At Gas South, we always want to help you save money and avoid any surprises that come from unseasonably cold weather. Be sure to check back often for more helpful ideas—and stay warm this winter.