Gas South Employee Spotlight

In honor of Veteran’s Day, we want to spotlight one of our employees, Stephon White.

Stephon R. White is a husband, father, U.S. Army Veteran and a part of the Gas South Family.  Stephon was born on June 14, 1981 in Tifton, GA to Leo and Debra White.  He proved to be an excellent student throughout his educational endeavors and enjoyed growing up in Georgia.  After his high school graduation, Stephon enlisted in the United States Army.  He served active duty while stationed in Fort Polk, Louisiana for many years.

Shortly after the tragic terrorist attack on 9/11 and the declaration of a “War on Terror” by President Bush, U.S. troops were sent overseas to fight in the Iraq War.  Stephon White was one of the many brave soldiers sent to fight for our country in 2003.  With a lot of prayer, bravery, and faith, he was able to survive the hard times and return home after serving overseas for almost a year and a half.

Stephon has been married to a lovely woman named Starr for 7 years and they have 3 beautiful daughters; Chyanne, Cierra and Camille. Stephon has been working for Gas South since August of 2011 as our accountant and has said that his favorite part of working here is the people. “Gas South has a great office environment and friendly employees, I have enjoyed getting to know my coworkers and look forward to a great career with this company!”

We are proud to have Stephon as a member of the Gas South family and we thank and honor him and his fellow troops on this Veteran’s Day for their invaluable service to our country.

We would also like to show appreciation for two more veterans at Gas South; Kimberly Middleton and Sandra Hamilton.

8 thoughts on “Gas South Employee Spotlight”

  1. Congratulations Stephon. I am blessed to be your wife. You are an awesome husband, father and friend. The “White Party of 5” loves you very much.

  2. Son, I am so very blessed to have you in my life. Vic and I love our “White, Party of 5” and we are proud of the son, husband, father, and most of all man of God that you are. We could not have chosen a better God-son. You are God sent!!! Thanks for serving and giving your life in so many ways!!!!

  3. Congrats Lil bro on being featured at your job. I am so proud of you and proud to call White party of five my extended family! Love you lots!

  4. Congrats Stephon!! You are a good man and behind a good man, there is always a great woman. Love you both!

  5. Making the right choices always makes the difference, you made the choice to serve our country; and now we can honor you. Thank you and congrats.

    Love you much.


    (By the way, I am real happy with your choice you made for wife.)

  6. Stephon, I knew you were a special person before I met you. I remember the how Starr would light up when talking about you. You always impress me by being so polite. I am honored by our paths crossing in life. I am so proud of you and Starr. The both of you have created a beautiful family. May heaven continue to smile upon you and your family.

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