Providing better customer care

At Gas South, it’s our mission to provide the best customer service in the industry. That’s why, about a year ago, we decided to bring our customer care operations in-house.  We hired 100 of the best customer service agents and set about the task of making our already best-in-class service even better.

A year later, I’m proud to report that our commitment has proved to be a smashing success.  For example, since “insourcing” our call center:

– We have seen a 40 percent decrease in escalated calls.

– Customers are now getting the answers they need with a single call 98 percent of the time.

– Annual agent turnover rate has plunged from 35 percent before the change to less than 13 percent today.

In early May, Gas South held a party at our Marietta call center to celebrate these achievements and mark the first anniversary. It was an opportunity to thank the customer care team for their dedication and hard work.

Over the past year, we have invested a significant amount of resources into our customer care operations. We launched an online customer care team to handle inquiries via chat and email, improved our quality assurance process and developed seasonal training courses to ensure that agents provide timely information to customers.  All of these changes have served to empower our call center employees. They’re now even better able to assist our customers with any questions they may have.

It’s all part of Gas South’s commitment to provide the best natural gas service in Georgia.  And we appreciate hearing from our customers about how we are doing.  Send us an email at  We appreciate and value your feedback.

6 thoughts on “Providing better customer care”

  1. I had the worst experience ever this year trying to resolve a issue took 3 agents only one out of three was nice and helpful spent over a hour on the phone was transfer to atl. gas light were they were excellent but told me gas south was wrong for transfering my call and I had to start the process again your customer service needs much more training and you may need to hire a lot more than 100.

  2. Hi Jeremy, we are sorry to hear about your experience and this is not what you should expect from us. We are working hard to ensure that all of our customers receive the best customer service from us. We would like to make this right with you. One of our managers reached out to you via email using the address provided with this comment, but if you’d like to speak to someone by phone, please email me with a contact number. My address is and I will be sure we get back to you ASAP. Thanks for your feedback Jeremy and have a great day.

  3. Wow, your website and on-line bill pay is really terrible. I kept trying to put in my credit card into AutoPay and nothing would work. Customer service had no idea. They transfered my to your IT who put me on hold forever. Finally they told me that I had to use Windows IE, not Firefox or Chrome. IE didn’t work either the first 3 times I tried. Most of the world has moved on from old technolgy. Get rid of your stupid mainframes (seems like that is what the billing system is) and get into the early 2000s. I only switched from Scana because their on-line bill pay sucked. Yours is even worse. Are there any gas companies familiar with computers, smart phones or anything that is convenient for customers?

    1. RB – we apologize for the inconvenience. We agree that paying your bill should be as simple as possible and we strive to continue to improve our customer service. Please email me at with your name, account number & a contact number where we can reach you. We will call you ASAP. Have a great day.


    I just paid my bill to have my service reconnected when I didn’t even know it was going to be disconnected. Then less than a week later, the same damn thing…..THIS IS REDICULOUS. I randomly get mail from gas-south, but most of the time nothing. So it’s like I have to constantly check their website for due dates and I am to busy to keep doing that. Then I have to wait 4 days (I don’t care that it is one of their business days….IT’S 4 DAYS FOR ME)


    1. John, thank you for your comment. I’ll be sending you an email to the address listed with your comment to try to help.

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