Save money this winter by locking in a low fixed rate.

At Gas South, we believe in showing you how to save on your natural gas service. And with cooler temperatures ahead, now’s the time to select a natural gas plan. When you consider locking in a low fixed rate for the most savings this winter.

Don’t pay more than you need to.

Many people aren’t sure whether a fixed rate or a variable rate natural gas plan will make the most financial sense for them. Fixed rates will save you money because they’re lower than variable rates and don’t fluctuate with the market month to month. You do have to sign a contract that has a cancellation fee with a fixed rate, but Gas South doesn’t charge this fee if you move outside of our service territory and can’t transfer your service.

Save more than $500 this winter.

Right now, we’re offering a low fixed rate of 49¢ per therm for six, 12 or 24 months. If you lock in this 49¢ rate for six months, you’ll spend just under $300 on your natural gas charges. However, if you’re on a variable rate as high as $1.399 like we’ve seen in the market recently, you’ll spend more than $800. That means our fixed rate could save you more than $500 this winter alone.

Choose the rate that works for you – with no deposit.

To save on heating your home this winter, choose the fixed rate that works for you for 6,12, or even 24 months. If you lock in for two full years, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re protected from increasing rates, winter after winter.

The difference is good.

Keep in mind, Gas South will never charge you a deposit (a savings of up to $150). And since we give back 5% of our profits to help children in need, you’ll know your choice is making a difference – not only for your family, but for our community.

Discover the difference with a low fixed rate and no deposit. Sign up today.
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