Customer Spotlight – Marlow’s Tavern

This week on The Hot Spot, we are featuring one of our valued customers. So we sat down with John Metz, the Executive Chef and Co-Founder of Marlow’s Tavern to talk about his fantastic restaurants.

Thanks for joining us, John. So tell us, how and when was Marlow’s Tavern first started?

We wanted to create a great neighborhood place where we could go to enjoy friends, family, excellent food, great adult beverages and a warm environment. We wanted to re-invent the tavern segment: take the best of the older classic taverns and modernize it.  We opened our first Marlow’s Tavern in November 2004.

How is the menu chosen?

We have assembled a small and well-balanced menu, which is changed every season on both the food and the adult beverage side.  We take great R&D trips around Atlanta, around the country and around the world.  We want to bring unique ingredients and flavors to the neighborhoods we serve.  We combine those ingredients with core elements and ingredients on the menu to make it approachable for our guests.

That sounds delicious! So, what is your favorite thing about Marlow’s?

I really like the fact that the menu is small enough to execute at a very consistent and high level, but that we have a broad appeal with many unique ingredients that you would not traditionally see in a tavern or casual restaurant.

How do you choose your live entertainment?

We have music in every tavern – some taverns one day a week and some taverns five or seven days a week. It just depends on the neighborhood.  Our General Managers coordinate all of our music selections with support from our market/operating partners.

What is the best way to stay up-to-date on what’s happening at Marlow’s?

We try very hard to keep our website and Facebook pages up to date, but it is hard in this fast moving world we live in. We supplement with a great quarterly newsletter and email notices with events, features and fun at the taverns every couple of weeks. To really stay on top of everything at Marlow’s and get some good deals too, sign up to be an Insider on our website.

Why does Marlow’s use Gas South?

We have been partners with Gas South for many years in all of our businesses, not just Marlow’s.  I think our cultures, level of service and hospitality align, and we like to support our friends and partners who like to support us.  It is very much a two-way collaboration and we need Gas South as much as Gas South needs Marlow’s.

Does Marlow’s have any specials coming up that you would like our readers to know about?

Yes, we are bringing NOLA to ATL with our annual “Bayou ‘n Bourbon” menu full of cuisine from the Deep South. Starting today through Monday, March 25, all Atlanta-area tavern locations are featuring the menu full of jazzed up dishes and classic cocktails that will take diners taste buds on a trip to the Big Easy. Check out our Facebook page for more info.

That’s great, John. We really appreciate your time. So readers, be sure to check out Marlow’s at any of their metro Atlanta locations and tell us, what’s your favorite item on the Marlow’s Tavern menu?